001: Using Your Podcast as a Stepping Stone with Elise Museles

001: Using Your Podcast as a Stepping Stone with Elise Museles
001: Using Your Podcast as a Stepping Stone with Elise Museles

Welcome to the very first episode of Business Beyond the Mic, where we join Carli van Heerden, CEO and Founder of We Edit Podcasts, and her guests as they step behind the mic and take a deep dive into the business of podcasting! Joining us today to share her journey to creating, launching, and sustaining a successful show is Elise Museles, host of the Once Upon a Food Story Podcast and author of Food Story: Rewrite the Way You, Eat, Think, and Live and Whole Food Energy.

As an attorney turned certified eating psychology and nutrition expert, Elise has helped thousands of women transform their relationship with food. In this episode, she shares an eye-opening account of her podcasting journey, from finding her ‘why’ to choosing her guests. We discover all the unexpected ways that podcasting has transformed her life and business before hearing her take on key pain points, like how she keeps her content fresh and lands guests who are a perfect fit for her show. There’s a whole lot to learn from today’s conversation, so be sure to tune in to hear all of Elise’s thought-provoking insights (along with a good dose of podcasting wisdom!)

Takeaways From This Episode:

One of the biggest obstacles to starting a podcast is fear. When you gain the clarity of knowing your “why,” it can carry you through those fears, just like it did for Elise when she uncovered her core mission: to help people heal through shared stories.

Don’t expect perfection when you start your podcast. The more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll get. Once you give yourself permission to relax, it will have a knock-on effect, putting both your listener and your guest at ease!

Hosting a podcast can help you develop surprising skills, like becoming a better listener. Not only will this serve you behind the mic, but in life as well. When you deepen your ability to listen, it can have a powerful impact on how it makes other people feel seen and heard.

If, like Elise, you tend to have guests with books coming out, then the chances are that you will get pitched. A lot! Her advice? Only pick those who are an excellent fit for your show, from their personality to their subject matter.

Consistency is a key part of podcasting, but if you begin to feel bored with your own show, it might be time for a change. Whether it’s a subtle shift like tweaking the opener or a bigger pivot, it’s essential to keep the energy vibrant and engaging for your listeners. Don’t be afraid to embrace change!

Podcasting can be a uniquely effective stepping stone to other parts of your business, such as coaching or selling courses. For Elise, her podcast has facilitated game-changing opportunities, including speaking engagements and a book deal.


“I would say, for anybody starting [a podcast], that it’s really important to know your why.” — @EliseMuseles [0:06:13]

“You get the feeling that I’m relaxed when I’m hosting – That’s what puts the listener and the guest at ease.” — @EliseMuseles [0:08:04]

“Being a podcast host has helped me become a better listener. That’s a skill that helps when I’m interacting and posting interviews, but it also helps in life.” — @EliseMuseles [0:08:33]

“You notice when a host is really gracious and lets their guests shine. They’re not interrupting the whole time.” — Carli Van Heerden [0:09:22]

“If you start feeling bored, that’s a bad sign because you’re bringing the energy as the host to the podcast.” — @EliseMuseles [0:20:14]

“A podcast can be a stepping stone to other parts of your business. I see that as a huge benefit as well.” — @EliseMuseles [0:25:20]

“Take action. You may not know exactly how it’s going to turn out, but that’s okay.” — Elise Museles [0:27:37]

I’ve become a much better listener. I think that is a skill. It’s so underrated, but it helps you in so many different ways. It helps other people feel seen and it helps you [quieten] your mind and process information differently.” — @EliseMuseles [0:28:42]

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